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An Evening with Alvin Brooks

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

Please enjoy this recording of Visitation's "Evening with Alvin Brooks" on October 20, 2021. The evening was facilitated by Faith Formation Team members Lorraine Gordon and Pat Fanning. The Faith Formation Team welcomes your comments.

Opening Remarks by Teresa Albright, Pastoral Associate.

"It is my pleasure to introduce our guest of honor for tonight, Mr. Alvin L. Brooks. I can honestly say that there have only been a handful of people at whose feet I could sit and listen to them tell stories all day long. The first was my dearly departed grandmother, Marie Merl Lafferty. Another was Rabbi Morris B. Margolis of Kansas City, may his memory continue to be a blessing. And now, I can sincerely add Mr. Alvin Brooks to the list after meeting him in person for the first time while visiting the Black Archives in the District of 18th and Vine several weeks ago. I am so very glad that his children convinced him to finally write down the stories of his life in this fine memoir.

What is it about the power of stories? We as Christians, in the deepest part of our souls, know how the story of one solitary life has the power to not only transform the world but to reconcile what seemed irreconcilable. And we celebrate this mysterious power of a life’s story each time we gather around the Eucharistic table.

Alvin Brooks is certainly an accomplished man of service, passion and advocacy. His story, still being written, has left an indelible mark on the communities and the people of Kansas City and beyond.

His is a life that has always bended toward justice – from his time as a Kansas City police officer to his work creating the Ad Hoc Group against crime.

Mr. Brooks is an active member of his parish St. Monica. He was married to Carol, his Queen, for 63 years before her passing in 2013. He is a proud father, grandfather and greatgrandfather – how many great grandchildren do you have now, Mr. Brooks? –

Please give a warm welcome to Mr. Alvin L. Brooks who will open our evening with prayer.

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